whether you are an existing customer or a new one, there is absolutely no reason to call and ask permission to come and visit your fur babies while with us, or to send a friend, or to come and check up the facility prior of making your decision for booking
Our OPEN DOOR policy that we started with will always remain as long as its within our opening hours that is 10:00 – 19:00 except Fridays. Come in anytime without notice, we love to see you too, your friends as well, and we love to show every corner of our facility for new comers, the happy & healthy fur babies. Bed & Biscuits was invented for your peace of mind, make use of its unique services

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Our Services

Dogs Hotel

A funny holiday experience designed for maximum comfort,
rooms with private balconies or private windows overlooking the playgrounds,
socialization, agility workouts, temperature control, CCTV cameras, 24/7 pet sitters, and a lot of play times with their new friends

Cats Hotel

Spacious cattery with private windows overlooking the playgrounds, cat toys, scratchers, CCTV monitoring, 24/7 pet sitters, regular grooming, high quality food and dust free litter

B&B Pet Salon

Best groomers in town are here to have your dog or cat look just glamorous. Bear and lion cuts, all breed special cuts, dog show special grooming, full grooming services and VIP treatment with competitive prices
Pet grooming in bahrain

Dog Training School

Trainers are master graduates from the world’s elite dog training academies.
Puppy imprinting,
basic & advance obedience,
basic & advance protection,
search & rescue,
scent and odor detection, retrieve,
competitive agility, IPO 1,2,3 & KNPV for working dogs,
Dog behaviorists for dealing with aggression& anxiety

Pets accessories and supplies

Bed & Biscuits pet store brings to its client the highest quality pet supplies, naturals and grass fed treats, K9 accessories and training gears. Some of our brands: Purina ProPlan, Royal Canine, Earth Born,  Red Barn Naturals, Nylabone, K9 Elite, Euro Joe, Ray Allen, PetSafe, Four Paws, Nootie shampoo and colognes, Pet Remedy, Nutra Pet, Sanicat, PetKin, Canine Training Systems, Scent Logix, Doctra, Herm & Sprengers, Tails wet food

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