A boarding that is totally Stress-Free and as comfortable as in their own home
Because we believe your four-legged family member deserves a luxury treatment, rest assured that their needs are our top priority.

All of our pet guests will receive their own private room complete with all the comforts of home.





Dogs Hotel

A funny holiday experience designed for maximum comfort,
rooms with private balconies or private windows overlooking the playgrounds,
socialization, agility workouts, temperature control, CCTV cameras, 24/7 pet sitters, and a lot of play times with their new friends

Cats Hotel

Spacious cattery with private windows overlooking the playgrounds, cat toys, scratchers, CCTV monitoring, 24/7 pet sitters, regular grooming, high quality food and dust free litter

B&B Pet Salon

Best groomers in town are here to have your dog or cat look just glamorous. Bear and lion cuts, all breed special cuts, dog show special grooming, full grooming services and VIP treatment with competitive prices
Pet grooming in bahrain

Dog Training School

Trainers are master graduates from the world’s elite dog training academies.
Puppy imprinting,
basic & advance obedience,
basic & advance protection,
search & rescue,
scent and odor detection, retrieve,
competitive agility, IPO 1,2,3 & KNPV for working dogs,
Dog behaviorists for dealing with aggression& anxiety

Pets accessories and supplies

Bed & Biscuits pet store brings to its client the highest quality pet supplies, naturals and grass fed treats, K9 accessories and training gears. Some of our brands: Purina ProPlan, Royal Canine, Earth Born,  Red Barn Naturals, Nylabone, K9 Elite, Euro Joe, Ray Allen, PetSafe, Four Paws, Nootie shampoo and colognes, Pet Remedy, Nutra Pet, Sanicat, PetKin, Canine Training Systems, Scent Logix, Doctra, Herm & Sprengers, Tails wet food


Mora Jackson

We started coming to Toni for training shortly after acquiring our new puppy. She had way more energy and drive than we knew what to do with. Now we get tons of compliments on our well behaved dog.

They have boarded her for us several times and I love getting the pictures of her playing. For small dogs, call ahead as they are regularly filled up.
The other staff members are all very friendly and helpful.

Isabella Beccaceci

Very professional staff who care about the pets and their welfare. Clean, spacious, well stocked on pet items. They keep owners informed on pet’s status throughout boarding via photos/messages. Excellent place to leave pets with peace of mind.

Youssef M

Very nice place that takes good care of your pet. They are probably the only place in Bahrain which has a dog park where your dog can socialize. The grooming prices are also very realistic and they do not over charge customers for grooming larger breeds. The store has a large variety of high quality products and food. Overall this is a very clean and well managed place which dog owners can rely on.

Glen Stansfield

The dog is happy to go there and comes back happy. Kennels are well appointed and clean.

Salma Mohsen

Wonderful!! They relocated my kittens to the US and took perfect care of them throughout the process. I picked them up in perfect condition and the whole experience was stress-free. Thank you Antonio!!