Bed & Biscuits opened its door in August 2014 providing a 5 starts hotel experience and recreation facility for your fur friends while you are away. We ourselves experienced the heart-aching of kenneling and cage boarding, this was the main reason why we chose to take this direction and decided to bring in a totally different experience and innovative idea for pets services, here where Bed & Biscuits was born.

Located in the heart of the capital just near the Italian, Lebanese and Bangladesh embassy, 10 minutes away from Bahrain International airport, 20 minutes from Amwaj island, 15 minutes from Saar, 10 minutes from Juffair, Bed & Biscuits spreads in a land of 43,000 square foot ALL of it for them, with massive grassed and fenced free runs, playgrounds, private playgrounds and training grounds
Yappy days and in-house guests are split in groups of similar sizes, groups of similar temperaments, where they share with their fellow new friends the fun games , the seek and hide, the free runs and chasings, the cuddles and the extra mile we take for them to stay excited of their coming back. For dogs with behavior problems or shy attitudes, their privacy is our aim, they occupy rooms with minimal interaction with other fellow fur balls, their playgrounds are totally private, our highly trained staff and behavior specialist will ensure that these will have fun too, in the way they like.

The facility is well secured with CCTV operation system, fire alarm system, fire exits, 24/7 security guards, pet sitters around the clock, and a couple of our very own trained K9’s to ensure safety for each fellow customers.

The Open Door Policy

Whether you are an existing customer or a new one, there is absolutely no reason to call and ask permission to come and visit your fur babies while with us, or to send a friend, or to come and check up the facility prior of making your decision for booking.

In keeping with the efforts of being the island’s most transparent Pet Facility, our open door policy says it all, what you see is what you get, we are proud of our facility and we are itching to show it all.

Our OPEN DOOR policy that we started with will always remain as long as its within our opening hours that is 10:00 – 19:00 including weekends. Come in anytime without notice, we love to see you too, your friends as well, and we love to show every corner of our facility for new comers, the happy & healthy pets under our care. Bed & Biscuits was invented for your peace of mind; make use of its unique services.