Our luxury Pet hotel at Bed n Biscuits are designed to house your pets in a safe and secure manner for extended periods of time while you go on a holiday
Travelling with your pet? Looking for a comfortable stay for your canine? Confused over what amenities to look for? Fret not! Here is the list of basic amenities that you should always look for in a hotel to ensure that your four-legged family member’s vacation becomes an epitome of luxury.
1. Lodging services
This is a bit of an obvious one. It goes without saying that you have to check the lodging services of a hotel before checking your pet in. The lodging area should have a comfortable facility for your pet. Also, it is imperative for you to ensure that there is nothing in the lodging area that can cause discomfort to your canine since the comfort of your babies is paramount.
2. Activities
Always check the activities present for the pet animals in the pet hotel. Since this place is going to be the one that shall keep your pet active and entertained, it comes upon you to ensure that your pet gets the best in terms of activities and trainings. The area should be clean and hygienic, the trainers and handlers should be extremely well trained.
3. Grooming facilities
This is another critical criteria on the basis of which you have to decide a hotel for your darlings. The grooming facilities for your pets need to be immaculate in order to ensure proper care for your pet. The staff should be extremely well- versed with your pet’s needs and their care.
4. Accessories and supplies
As an additional measure of care, you should also check the quality of the accessories and supplies being provided by the pet hotels. This step is simply to ensure that nothing less than the best is being catered to your pet.
5. Relocation facilities
This is simply an accessory facility provided by many pet hotels. This comes in extremely handy while travelling with your pet as all the hassle of airline formalities and policy checks are taken care of by these hotels. All you need to do is see for yourself that the comfort of your pet in relocation procedure is well taken care of.
Needless to mention though, is that you should always personally check the standard of the amenities and services provided by the hotels instead of simply relying on their advertisements. To avail all these facilities, and get to know more about the luxuries we provide to your coddles, visit us @ www.bednbuscuits.com