At Bed n Biscuits, we offer excellent pet training services in Bahrain. Our services are aimed at keeping your pets well-groomed and disciplined Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation which is relaxing for your nerves? One could sit by the balcony, sip coffee and relax completely and unwind. There could be a million places where one […]

Our luxury Pet hotel at Bed n Biscuits are designed to house your pets in a safe and secure manner for extended periods of time while you go on a holiday Travelling with your pet? Looking for a comfortable stay for your canine? Confused over what amenities to look for? Fret not! Here is the […]

Our experts are Bed n Biscuits are capable of helping you relocate your pets to a destination with relative ease, ensuring minimal stress for your pets A transfer from the city or country you live in is always hard. It involves leaving behind all those memories and familiar places you had come to call home, […]

Bed n Biscuits offers the best pet grooming services to help keep your pets in good health. We offer a slew of associated pet care services as well Here are the most essential courses in which your pooch may get agitated now and again. A rundown of regular pooch medical problems must make you mindful […]

Grooming isn’t just about keeping up your canine’s level of cleanliness, and it isn’t just about keeping your puppy gorgeous. Grooming is tied in with keeping up both your pooch’s physical well being and in addition their appearance. It’s common knowledge that the health of a dog can be seen in how they look and […]

Pet travel is the process of traveling with or transporting pets. Pet carriers like cat carriers and dog crates enclose and protect pets during travel. Whether you are importing pets from a different country or just making a move within the city pet relocation can be difficult in terms of health of the pet. Pets […]

Pets grow older with time; hence there are different ways of caring for an older dog. We need to accommodate to their mental needs appropriately. Caring for senior dogs is completely different from caring for young dogs and puppies. We need to adjust to their physical and mental needs on daily basis. Senior dogs are […]

Cat have a very delicate skin.Their hair follicles and the epidermis layer is just about 1/4th thick as that of a human skin. The cats skin however are about 30% more absorbent to pollutants and dirt. Despite being self-cleaning, felines need to be groomed properly from time to time in order to deal with the […]

Animals are physical beings. They need optimal stimulus and exercise in order to keep them healthy, both physically and mentally. Like in humans, the lack of proper exercises in pets can cause a number of health issues such as obesity, cancer, etc. A responsible pet owner makes time to ensure that their pets get optimal […]