At Bed n Biscuits, we offer excellent pet training services in Bahrain. Our services are aimed at keeping your pets well-groomed and disciplined Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation which is relaxing for your nerves? One could sit by the balcony, sip coffee and relax completely and unwind. There could be a million places where one […]

Our luxury Pet hotel at Bed n Biscuits are designed to house your pets in a safe and secure manner for extended periods of time while you go on a holiday Travelling with your pet? Looking for a comfortable stay for your canine? Confused over what amenities to look for? Fret not! Here is the […]

Our experts are Bed n Biscuits are capable of helping you relocate your pets to a destination with relative ease, ensuring minimal stress for your pets A transfer from the city or country you live in is always hard. It involves leaving behind all those memories and familiar places you had come to call home, […]

Bed n Biscuits offers the best pet grooming services to help keep your pets in good health. We offer a slew of associated pet care services as well Here are the most essential courses in which your pooch may get agitated now and again. A rundown of regular pooch medical problems must make you mindful […]

Grooming isn’t just about keeping up your canine’s level of cleanliness, and it isn’t just about keeping your puppy gorgeous. Grooming is tied in with keeping up both your pooch’s physical well being and in addition their appearance. It’s common knowledge that the health of a dog can be seen in how they look and […]

Pet travel is the process of traveling with or transporting pets. Pet carriers like cat carriers and dog crates enclose and protect pets during travel. Whether you are importing pets from a different country or just making a move within the city pet relocation can be difficult in terms of health of the pet. Pets […]

Pets grow older with time; hence there are different ways of caring for an older dog. We need to accommodate to their mental needs appropriately. Caring for senior dogs is completely different from caring for young dogs and puppies. We need to adjust to their physical and mental needs on daily basis. Senior dogs are […]

Cat have a very delicate skin.Their hair follicles and the epidermis layer is just about 1/4th thick as that of a human skin. The cats skin however are about 30% more absorbent to pollutants and dirt. Despite being self-cleaning, felines need to be groomed properly from time to time in order to deal with the […]

Animals are physical beings. They need optimal stimulus and exercise in order to keep them healthy, both physically and mentally. Like in humans, the lack of proper exercises in pets can cause a number of health issues such as obesity, cancer, etc. A responsible pet owner makes time to ensure that their pets get optimal […]

18 Jul 2017

Dog boarding tips

Placing your pet dog at a boarding facility is a good move when you are travelling. This will ensure that your dog is under the watchful care of professionals, thus assuring no dearth in love, comfort and quality stay facilities. Here are a few tips to make your pets stay at a facility eventful and […]

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At bed’n’biscuits, we offer world class pet training services that is aimed at disciplining your pet in the most effective and fun manner possible One of the most important decisions a dog owner ah to take is the choice in a dog trainer. A good trainer will ensure that your puppy is instilled in good […]

At bed’n’biscuits, we offer world class pet hosting services where we offer the best in class pet housing facilities for your cat in your absence Relocating your home can be a stressful experience in itself. However, it can beeven more stressful for your pets. Thus you have pay more attention to ensure that relocating your […]

Puppy Imprinting is the application of behavior analysis which uses the environmental events of antecedents & consequences to modify the behavior of a dog. There are a variety of established methods of animals training, each with its adherents and critics. The common characteristics of successful methods are knowing the animal’s attributes and personality, accurate timing […]

Obedience Training
24 Apr 2017

Obedience Training

Obedience training usually refers to the training of a dog which is very basic training, such as teaching the dog to reliably respond to basic commands. Obedience implies compliance with the direction or command given by the handler. For a dog to be considered obedient rather than simply trained in obedience, it must respond reliably […]

A Natural Pet Store is a retail establishment that places a greater focus on more natural, and often higher quality products.A variety of animal supplies and pet accessories are available in pet shops. In a natural pet store, a pet parent will be able to receive answers to nutrition and help with common health problems […]

Special Care | Boarding Cattery | Pet care in bahrain
03 Mar 2017

Special Care

A cattery is where cats are commercially housed. Catteries come in two varieties – boarding catteries and breeding catteries. What is a boarding cattery? A boarding cattery is where cats are housed temporarily, when they cannot stay at their owners’ home. Boarding catteries are mostly used by owners who are away on holiday, although they […]

Dog grooming refers to both the hygienic care and cleaning of a dog. It also includes enhancing the physical appearance of the dog. Grooming is a vital part in the well-being and to keep the dog consistently healthy which in turn improves their lifespan. All breeds need grooming, now how much of it depends on […]

17 Feb 2017

Build Companionship

Dog day-care refers to a short-term boarding kennel service for dogs. It shares quite a lot of similarities with a regular day-care for children. Dog day care fills a niche between multi-day kennel boarding and pet sitting, where the sitter comes to the pet’s home. The two share the same philosophy. Dogs day care startedas […]

There has been a steep rise in the number of households owning pets in Bahrain. Pets offer excellent companionship and also play a role in helping your children to learn responsibilities as well. this has also led to an increase in spending on pet products and supplies. However, not may are aware of the different […]

Pet care is one of the most important requirement of a pet owner. Although most animals are self sufficient and require nothing more than food, water and affection, you should invest time in learning how to groom them. This will not only keep your pets clean and tidy, but will also help inculcate good habits […]

It might not always be feasible to carry your dog along with you on your holidays. Dogs are quite sensitive to drastic changes in environments and it can impact them psychologically and physiologically. Hence, it is important to choose the right kennel center that is comfortable for your dogs. Credible kennel centers employ professionals who […]

The sheer number of pet food commercials one is exposed to makes it hard for pet owners to choose the right food that agrees well with your pets. No matter how attractive these ads seem to look, most of them are hardly healthy. Even if they are, they might not meet the nutritional needs of […]

Being unclean and unkempt is no way to live in a civilized society. This applies not only to humans but to pets too. Being clean and tidy not only make your pets look good, but will also play a part in keeping them healthy as well. Even simple grooming procedures like regular baths and trimming […]

Choosing the right dog food Dogs can be as finicky as kids when it comes to choice of foods. Hence it is important to feed them what they like, while ensuring that their everyday nutritional needs are satisfactorily met. Here are a few tips to help you to choose the right pet food- • The […]

Your little kitten requires constant attention and you should always watch over it to make sure that it isn’t getting into any trouble. As a loving kitten owner, you always choose from safe and healthy foods in order to ensure a wholesome development of your pet. It is also important to ensure a safe home […]

One of the biggest concerns for new puppy owners is training it go outside to “do its business”. It is better to condition your puppy to a specific routine when it comes to potty training to ensure that it adapts itself as it grows. Here are a few tips for potty training your pup- • […]

So you have decided to adopt a puppy. Congratulations. You will have to know that taking care of a puppy is much like taking care of a baby. It requires time and patience, and possibly your share of waking up in the middle of the nights as well. Puppies generally adjust to new environments fairly […]

Pet behaviour is quite misunderstood by even veteran pet owners. Thanks to the phony pop culture misinformation available widely, in most cases, your interpretation of your pets behaviour is completely opposite of what it means. This is especially true for cats. Here are a few identifiers on why your cat does the weird things it […]

  Your dog is cute, sweet and showers you with affection all the time. That alone makes him awesome. However, there are things that your dog can do that puts him on a whole new league of awesomeness. Here are some facts about your dog you might not know- Like people, dogs also have dreams. […]

Certified boarding kennels in Bahrain

Going out for a few days? Need a reliable place to house your puppies while you are away? Fear not. At Bed & Biscuits, we offer certified boarding kennels for the wellbeing of your dogs. We assure plenty of care for your furry buddy, which will allow you to take care of your out of […]

Now you have decided to add a new member to your family and wondering how to start up teaching behaviors that you want them to do. By knowing the basics, avoiding conflict, keeping motivation up, marking the good behaviors and correcting the wrong ones, can turn puppy training into a real fun experience for both […]

Your dog doesn’t need to be a model for you to take some great pictures of your dog, here we go with some tips that we think they work 1- Have a nice background and avoid messy areas, green and blue backgrounds often work, place yourself and your dog in an environment that is happy […]

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18 Nov 2014

Leash (Myths & Facts)

the fame of dog lead came for a reason, Its the most efficient, accurate and economical tool to train your dog with, walk in the park, correct behaviors, however if used wrong might lead to certain unwanted behaviors such as pulling further on the leash, showing stress and many other behavioral problems that you need […]