Cat have a very delicate skin.Their hair follicles and the epidermis layer is just about 1/4th thick as that of a human skin. The cats skin however are about 30% more absorbent to pollutants and dirt. Despite being self-cleaning, felines need to be groomed properly from time to time in order to deal with the […]


Animals are physical beings. They need optimal stimulus and exercise in order to keep them healthy, both physically and mentally. Like in humans, the lack of proper exercises in pets can cause a number of health issues such as obesity, cancer, etc. A responsible pet owner makes time to ensure that their pets get optimal […]

18 Jul 2017

Dog boarding tips

Placing your pet dog at a boarding facility is a good move when you are travelling. This will ensure that your dog is under the watchful care of professionals, thus assuring no dearth in love, comfort and quality stay facilities. Here are a few tips to make your pets stay at a facility eventful and […]

pet care in bahrain

At bed’n’biscuits, we offer world class pet training services that is aimed at disciplining your pet in the most effective and fun manner possible One of the most important decisions a dog owner ah to take is the choice in a dog trainer. A good trainer will ensure that your puppy is instilled in good […]


At bed’n’biscuits, we offer world class pet hosting services where we offer the best in class pet housing facilities for your cat in your absence Relocating your home can be a stressful experience in itself. However, it can beeven more stressful for your pets. Thus you have pay more attention to ensure that relocating your […]