At Bed n Biscuits, we offer a full range pet spa and pet hotel services to help care for your pets in Bahrain during your absence over a few days
A dog is a man’s best friend and it’s never a pretty sight when this loyal fluffy playful best friend falls sick. However, though we love pampering our dogs, we are not proficient in the exact rules and regulations we should follow when they are sick. These lovelies are unable to care for themselves properly, hence it is up to the owners to stay alert and stay alert during their pet’s sickness. Once proper care is given, the exorbitant vet bills would come down and both you and your pet would have an easier life. (Because dogs hate going to the doctors more than you do).
Sick dogs require extra care and attention and most of all, they require lots of love. Pat them gently and spend your time with them when they are feeling sick and lonely, to show that you are there for them. After all, they would go to indefinite lengths to pick up your mood too when you are down, so we should reciprocate that love to them.
Also, their diet needs to be modified, their exercise schedules need to be changed and no treats or regular food can be given to them in this time. They should be given a separate place to rest and kept away for a while from small children or other pets. Another important pointer is to be on the lookout for sores or redness in any area during their sickness.
Sometimes our busy schedules may not be conducive for caring for our pets. In this case, I would seriously urge others to not abandon their pets or leave them alone for long periods of time during this difficult phase. There are many NGOs and other organizations that will willingly take care of these sick dogs and make sure they get proper care and attention too.
Plus, they will also have on-call vets willing to look after and diagnose these canines during an emergency. Also, these organizations have qualified personnel taking care of your pets so no need to fret, because they will be in good hands. There are websites like where you can contact us and discuss your situation, and we will take care of your dog for you. If your dog genuinely needs good care and you cannot provide or aren’t experienced, we help your dog get the best care. For after all, just like us, they deserve the best care available too.
This list covers only the minimum basic content and is not exhaustive by any means. You could visit for pampering your pets.


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