Cat have a very delicate skin.Their hair follicles and the epidermis layer is just about 1/4th thick as that of a human skin. The cats skin however are about 30% more absorbent to pollutants and dirt. Despite being self-cleaning, felines need to be groomed properly from time to time in order to deal with the excessive pollution ad dust in the city environment.
Cats generally “wash” themselves by licking their fur. However, this is an evolutionary tactic to use their saliva to hide their scent from predators. Cats saliva contains a variety of bacteria and allergens, which is the prime cause of cat allergies. This coupled with the oil glands lined directly along the top of the tail, it adds to the greasiness of the cats fur. If unchecked, especially in older cats, this can easily lead to, thick matted hair that is rough to touch.
Grooming is thus necessary not only to keep up your cat’s appearance, but also from its health perspective. It is important to hire a proper cat groomer, who has experience and the necessary skills to keep your cat clean and healthy.
Regular grooming will help control shedding and hair balls, it will also prevent your cat from scratching itself sore all the time and will eliminate any grime and dirt lodged in its orifices like eyes, nose, egde of the mouth etc. When a cat is clean, he/she is not disturbed by itches and scratches, thus resulting in a generally happy and content cat in the house.
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