At Bed n Biscuits, we offer excellent pet training services in Bahrain. Our services are aimed at keeping your pets well-groomed and disciplined Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation which is relaxing for your nerves? One could sit by the balcony, sip coffee and relax completely and unwind. There could be a million places where one […]

Cat have a very delicate skin.Their hair follicles and the epidermis layer is just about 1/4th thick as that of a human skin. The cats skin however are about 30% more absorbent to pollutants and dirt. Despite being self-cleaning, felines need to be groomed properly from time to time in order to deal with the […]

At bed’n’biscuits, we offer world class pet hosting services where we offer the best in class pet housing facilities for your cat in your absence Relocating your home can be a stressful experience in itself. However, it can beeven more stressful for your pets. Thus you have pay more attention to ensure that relocating your […]