Certified boarding kennels in Bahrain

Going out for a few days? Need a reliable place to house your puppies while you are away? Fear not. At Bed & Biscuits, we offer certified boarding kennels for the wellbeing of your dogs. We assure plenty of care for your furry buddy, which will allow you to take care of your out of town business with a peace of mind. Opting for a boarding kennel will allow you to avoid putting your pet through the stress of airplane/ car ride. You will also not have to hunt for pet friendly accommodation during your travels.

At Bed & Biscuits your dog will get to spend time with fellow pups, and will have a great time interacting with them as well. A s a certified boarding kennel in Bahrain, we are well equipped with trained caretakers who will keep your pet safe and secure while under our care. Our kennels are well ventilated and have enough natural lighting, with an ambient temperature throughout the day. We also take into consideration any specific needs of the dog, such as dietary preference and medication, thus ensuring an enjoyable experience for your dog.


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