Being unclean and unkempt is no way to live in a civilized society. This applies not only to humans but to pets too. Being clean and tidy not only make your pets look good, but will also play a part in keeping them healthy as well. Even simple grooming procedures like regular baths and trimming nails will go a long way in keeping unwanted illness at bay.
Grooming will also help you discover any unnoticed infections, scars and lumps on your pets, which can be treated before it snowballs into a bigger problem. The best way to ensure that your pet gets the right cleaning treatment is to hire a pet groomer or visit a pet parlour. Getting professional help will ensure excellent care for your pet. Lack of time and the right tools has driven pet owners to approach professionals to help with pet grooming. Here are a few tips to help assess if a pet facility is suitable for your pet-
• Make sure that the pet parlour is well lit and clean. Any odd smell or damp feel is an indication that the facility is not well maintained.
• The staff should appear to know what they are doing. They must be well versed in basic pet handling and they should be able to handle pet with optimal care.
• Another important aspect you need to look into is the pet holding. If the pet area seems too small/ cramped, then the lack of space in a new place will surely make your pet anxious.
• The groomer accurately keeps records of the pet, including the procedures done on the pet, info on vaccinations and medical contact info.
• The groomer will give you a good idea of the costs and the procedures that the pet will undergo for that session. This way you will know how long and how much your visit to the pet parlour will take.
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