18 Jul 2017

Dog boarding tips

Placing your pet dog at a boarding facility is a good move when you are travelling. This will ensure that your dog is under the watchful care of professionals, thus assuring no dearth in love, comfort and quality stay facilities. Here are a few tips to make your pets stay at a facility eventful and stress free.
Trial run
It is best to do a trial run with your dog at the new boarding place. Schedule a sleep over for just one night if you can well in advance. This will familiarize your pet with the local sights and sounds, thus keeping her/ him comfortable during the subsequent visits. When you do book a long term stay, make sure to do it in advance in order to prevent hold ups during peak time rush.
Make sure that your pet is updated on its vaccinations. Dog boarding facilities also house a number of other pets and it is necessary for the pets to be free of any diseases in order to keep the other animals healthy. Most pet boarding facilities ask for proof of vaccinations for diseases such as rabies, distemper, etc.
It is recommended that you bring your dog’s food when you leave them at the boarding facility. This will ensure that your dog is always fed with the food of his. Her choice. It will eliminate many food related hassles and will ensure that your pet is well fed and nourished during its stay.
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