Pet care is one of the most important requirement of a pet owner. Although most animals are self sufficient and require nothing more than food, water and affection, you should invest time in learning how to groom them. This will not only keep your pets clean and tidy, but will also help inculcate good habits in your pet.
Dog grooming basics
Here are a few simple ways with which you can groom your dog at home. You will have to invest in some simple articles such as brush, rubbing alcohol, blow dryers, dog nail clippers, collar, ear cleaners, cloth balls, dog shampoo etc.
First, brush your dog thoroughly, but not vigorously. Take small breaks as you brush him and pet him. If the fur has matted, then you can cut it off or shave it. Clean your dog’s eyes with eye drops. This will get rid of any residual dirt and grime in the eye, thus reducing any chances of infection.
Clean it’s ears, clip its nails and bathe your dog using a good dog shampoo. You can then towel dry or blow dry if necessary. Bathing the dog will help remove any dirt on the fur and drying him will reduce chances of him contracting a cold or a fever.

If you are unable to groom your pets regularly, you can always invest in a good pet spa. In fact, it is recommended that you take your pet to a professional for clean up every once in a while even if you groom him regularly. Your dog does deserve this special treatment occasionally! At Bed N Biscuits, we offer world class dog grooming services, for more information about our full range of services, do visit our website at


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