Your dog is cute, sweet and showers you with affection all the time. That alone makes him awesome. However, there are things that your dog can do that puts him on a whole new league of awesomeness. Here are some facts about your dog you might not know-

  • Like people, dogs also have dreams. It is pretty common to see dogs move their paws in a running motion when they sleep, this is usually an indicator of dogs performing a running action in their dreams. Both humans and dogs share the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep, which is when most of the dreams are had.
  • Dogs have incredible vision and can see things even in near complete darkness. Their rods and cones are structured differently from human eyes, thus giving them a wider range of visual perception.
  • Did you know that the dog’s smell is thousands of times better than human smell perception? This is why they are extensively used in law enforcements to literally sniff out criminals!
  • Dogs sweat from their paws. Dogs do not perspire like humans, and they only sweat from their paw pads. Dogs generally cool off by hanging their tongues out and panting.

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