Our OPEN DOOR policy says it all, the one and only that allows pets owners or their friends to visit their pets while under our care without a prior notice or arrangement, the policy also allows new customers to explore the facility, the rooms, the activities and the routine without prior notice or arrangement as long as it’s within our opening hours that are daily from 10 AM-7 PM except Fridays. We want everyone to come in and see how happy they are, healthy & clean. We have started with this policy from day one of opening, and we will always continue with it.

Our Doggie rooms are built for maximum safety & comfort, some rooms have private balconies, other rooms have private windows and all of them are designed with the attention of every little detail. The activities while under our care will guarantee a fun staying experience that has no equal: agility workouts, socialization, both outdoor and indoor playgrounds, training grounds, doggie & harmony games will surely keep a great memory for both your pooch and ourselves.

Rooms and playgrounds are monitored by CCTV and the pet sitters are there 24/7, daily grooming check, and you will be constantly receiving updates with videos and photos for your fur baby while with us. They check out with lot of memories and they are always excited to their coming back, it’s simply a funny holiday experience in our luxury pet hotel.

Rates: BD 7 for small and medium breeds and BD 8 for large breeds

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