Planning to go on a long holiday? Let our experts at Bed and Biscuits help take care of your pets at our world class pet hotel in The Kingdom of Bahrain

Here are some things you must keep in mind while staying at a dog friendly hotel with your pooch.

Before you go, plan ahead

Once you leave home, watch that your pooch’s identification labels are safely attached to his neckline and that the data on them is right, just on the off chance that you and your pet get separated. What’s more, if your pooch isn’t microchipped, this is an ideal time to do it.

Reserve a spot for the dog

Try not to hold up until the point of registration to tell the hotel that you have a puppy — affirm the pet arrangement before you book your room. Pet strategies shift significantly from hotel to hotel, and even lodgings that permit puppies may have measure constrains or confine the quantity of dogs you can have in your room; they may likewise have a rundown of unwelcome breeds. A few lodgings incorporate pets in the customary room rate, while others charge independently for them. This could be an everyday charge or a level expense that covers your entire stay. It is always advisable to search for the best dog hotels before you visit any city.

Pick the right room

Request a room on the ground floor. It’s your most logical option for a few reasons. You will, almost certainly, have lots of gear to tote, so staying away from stairs implies less schlepping — and a shorter trip to the door when it’s potty time. Also, unless your canine is used to a lift, that here and there ride can be a reason for stress.

Moreover, a dog who drops his toys on the floor, bounces from bed to bed or likes to grapple with his pal will be less likely to bother the neighbors if you are on the ground floor. It’s additionally a smart move to request a room far from the lift, especially if your pooch barks at strangers.

Check in and look at things

When you get to the room and before your pooch goes circling around, do ensure there is nothing that can hurt your puppy. Additionally, ensure the past visitors or housekeeping didn’t leave anything, for example, stray pills.

If you are not comfortable flying with yoru dog, you can opt to leave them at pet hotels, which are establishments that are made specifically to entertain your dogs while you are on a vacation. The best dog hotels in the world, ensure that your pooch has a joyous holiday, just like you.

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