At Bed n Biscuits, we offer excellent pet training services in Bahrain. Our services are aimed at keeping your pets well-groomed and disciplined

Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation which is relaxing for your nerves? One could sit by the balcony, sip coffee and relax completely and unwind. There could be a million places where one can escape for the weekend: and the amenities most commonly sought for are spa, gym, libraries and swimming pools.
We often do have our fur babies who we cannot take along because of hotel policies. Sadly we leave the pets behind to some unknown care and proceed for our vacation. But with us at Bed and Biscuits, face this problem no more. Regular pet caring services, for your dogs and cats are available. While you enjoy your private times, we also have professionals who will look after your dogs.
Over twenty years of experience with dogs and cats, love for your pets, care and devotion for you and your complete family. Never leave your pooch behind the next time you leave for your vacation. We have the best food supplies, for your pets, and we give only the best.
The only criteria that we believe in is your happiness. We guarantee you a fulfilled session, with your fur babies, and your relaxation. There’s a dog training center which looks after your pets, and helps your dog deal with anxiety. Search and rescue, basic odor detection, puppy imprinting, basic obedience and more.
We have thus come up with the idea that since man and dog have been best friends since time immemorial, it’s only obvious that we should open more of hotels that allow man’s best friend to coexist happily in the same environment. We take the trouble of looking after your pet so that you enjoy quality time and feel relaxed.
If on vacations people get along together, make big groups, it is only justified that all guests be allowed to bring their best friends: the pets. There’s a professional salon to help your pets get a haircut, while you grab a drink or chill at the bar. Vacations will definitely be more memorable with your own pets around to entertain you and keep you happy.
For more information, log into our website,, we have the best kind of holidays planned for you and your pooch and cats. We assure you that you will have the best time of your life enjoying at our place.