So you have decided to adopt a puppy. Congratulations. You will have to know that taking care of a puppy is much like taking care of a baby. It requires time and patience, and possibly your share of waking up in the middle of the nights as well. Puppies generally adjust to new environments fairly quickly. But, it still takes them a few days to get adjusted to a new environment, especially during the nights when the puppy will feel lonely. The puppy might whine in order to showcase its discomfort. Here are a few tips to make your pups first nights easy-
• Make sure that your puppy’s sleeping quarters is small and snug. A small crate lined with an old blanket is the best option. This will allow the puppy to sleep in a snug position.
• Make sure the sleeping place is free from any draft, and make sure that the crate is in the same room as you. However, do not make your puppy sleep with you on your bed. This might seem cute now, but it will soon pose a problem for both you and your dog.
• If you puppy whines, then take him out to relieve himself. Once he/ she is done, put him/ her back into the crate and it should go back to sleep. This is no time for play or treats, just get its business done and let it go to sleep.


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