Pet travel is the process of traveling with or transporting pets. Pet carriers like cat carriers and dog crates enclose and protect pets during travel.
Whether you are importing pets from a different country or just making a move within the city pet relocation can be difficult in terms of health of the pet. Pets may experience stress and anxiety from unfamiliar situations and locations. Cats are usually stressed by change.
Things to keep on check while relocating your pets!
The pet should be vaccinated because if you choose to travel by air non vaccinated animals are not allowed to travel. It is necessary cats receive the rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entry with the exception of puppies or kittens younger than three months old or pets originating from areas considered to be free of rabies.
Your pet will need a health certificate issued by your local vet or an international health certificate if traveling to another country This certificate is issued once your vet performs a brief physical to ensure your pet’s health prior to travel and is required by all airlines.
Before you plan a trip with your cat make sure that the pet will have a safe place to stay once you reach your destination. Never place cats in a carrier in the back of a pickup truck exposed to wind, weather and the elements. If you’re moving and renting a moving truck, keep the cat in the carrier with you in the truck cab. Never load a cat in the back of a loaded truck or moving van. The carrier and your cat could get crushed as your belongings shift. You could kill or injure your pet.
Pets riding in cars are safest contained in carriers tied with a seat belt.They are advised to be in the back seat or have the airbags turned off. Unrestrained pets can interfere with driving and can be seriously injured in an accident.
When planning to travel by a car, make your dog accustomed to a restraining harness. If you have a cat that is moving with you, make sure to transport it in a well-ventilated and securely placed carrier because cats are generally not comfortable when traveling in cars.
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