03 Mar 2017

Special Care

Special Care | Boarding Cattery | Pet care in bahrain

A cattery is where cats are commercially housed. Catteries come in two varieties – boarding catteries and breeding catteries.
What is a boarding cattery?
A boarding cattery is where cats are housed temporarily, when they cannot stay at their owners’ home. Boarding catteries are mostly used by owners who are away on holiday, although they may also be used during house moves, building work or when their owners are incapacitated.
The following points should be considered when granting of licenses for catteries:
• The animals must be provided with comfortable facilities in the cat boarding centres. Adequate size of living quarters, ventilation, temperature of surroundings and cats are separated from each other by solid walls etc. must be properly appraised by the owners before they apply for a license.
• Food and drink for the cats must be strictly according to the owner’s requirements. Below-par quality of food may lead to cancellation of the organization’s license.
• The cattery owners must be fully aware of the infectious diseases that circulate rapidly among cats. Thus, necessary preventive measures and isolation techniques must be known to the personnel handling the cats in the catteries.
• Necessary steps must be taken by cat boarding personnel to ensure that unexpected man-made calamities, like fire break-outs, do not jeopardize the safety of the cats.
• A well maintained and accurately updated record of all animals kept in the cat boarding must be present with the authorities for official inspections.
What is breeding category?
This type of boarding centre breeds cats, either for non-commercial or commercial purposes. The cats bred and brought up at these places are mostly sold for profit. Besides, these cat boarding centres are also supposed to adhere to an established set of guidelines that is prepared by organizations.
Significance of cattery
All the cats who board in a cattery receive the best possible care. The food they provide is a good variety of premium food and they try their best to accommodate the fussiest of eaters. You will have a professional to watch your cat while you are away. Many boarding catteries have an enclosed outdoor play area so your cat can enjoy the sunshine in the safety of an enclosure. As boarding catteries usually have other pets in their care, time in an outdoor play area is usually limited so each of their guests can enjoy specialized time outside. They provide the basic requirements such as feeding and will spend time playing, grooming & petting your cat.

Your cat will have to be up to date on its vaccinations prior to arrival, and if fleas or parasites are found on the cat. If you are going away for an extended period of time you can be assured that your pet will be in the best and it will be enjoying its vacation as you enjoy yours!
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