When looking for a trainer to help you teach Max to come back when called, not to jump on kids and ruins your aunt’s new dress, stop growling on strangers & stop messing up at home, you would be looking for trainers who would put the right foundations in your pet to become well mannered.

At our school we have

  • Obedience instructors:That work with people and people work on their pets
  • Professional Dog Trainers: A trainer that teaches your dog, then teaches you how to get the dog to listen to you
  • Behaviorist: With a vast experience in observing and reading canine psychology, professionals in dealing with aggression and other behavior problems

Our trainers are master graduates from the world’s leading dog training academies. Our programs range from puppy imprinting to the most advance competition standards, dealing with behavioral problems such as aggression, instability, stress and other behaviors that you really need to avoid. We work on both the dogs and their owners to maintain the training stability, build the foundations, work on details by using consistency, motivation and perfect timing

Basic obedience classes open at the beginning of each month and due to the high demand for this service, we require training booking in advance to reserve the seat.

Group classes of levels 1-4 to be followed for each class and certificates to be issued once the dog passes level 4


Puppy Imprinting

Basic & Advance Obedience

Basic & Advance Protection

Search & Rescue


Competitive Agility

Scent & Odor Detection